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QuickBooks Hosted - On-line

QuickBooks is now available in an on-line version. 

This is the same QuickBooks you would use on your desktop But we are bringing you the enterprise version for all the online users.  You pay  an annual fee for each simultaneous user of the file.  You can have as many companies as you like - for NO extra charge.

Benefits of Online QuickBooks

  •       You can use your accounts from anywhere with internet access home, around the country and overseas.

  •       Your accountant/bookkeeper/support person/director can log on from their office.  You can give them a logon and password and you can change it when they are done. Or if they have other QuickBooks clients they can use their own QuickBooks logon and you can 'share' your file with them.

  •       Your staff can do their timesheets, estimates and quotes, invoicing  in QuickBooks from anywhere.

  •       Quicken will always maintain the software at the latest level for you, so you never need to install an upgrade again.  Although you still need to actually do the upgrade of your files.

  •       Quicken will backup your file every night for disaster recovery.  It is still recommended to do your own backups to restore from 'stuff ups'.

  •       Instant disaster recovery as soon as you have access to the internet you are up and running again.

  •       Use QuickBooks from any windows PC such as Windows 98, older slow PCs, 64 bit PCs 

  •        Use from any apple pc, tablet or android (premium only)

  •       All the benefits of Enterprise QuickBooks - which includes, more refined security options, consolidation reports of P&L across up to 3 companies, unlimited numbers of customers, suppliers and items.

I believe that this is of extra special benefit for Trusts and 'not for profits' that have people in different locations that need to be able to view reports and data -as well as for any business that wants their accountant to have regular access to their accounts.



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